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Hoe om jou kind voor te berei vir Spelterapie/How to prepare your child for Play Therapy
Wietske Boon

Jy het ‘n afspraak gemaak om jou kind vir Spelterapie te neem aangesien jy bekommerd is oor sy gedrag, emosies, weens aanpassingsprobleme, trauma of enige ander situasie wat moontlik jou kind ontstel het.

Die kind wat vir terapie kom ervaar reeds spanning, angs of is moontlik getraumatiseer.  Onbekende situasies en onsekerheid kan spanning by ‘n kind verhoog daarom is dit noodsaaklik dat ‘n kind voorberei word op wat om te verwag wanneer hy vir die eerste keer vir Spelterapie geneem word.

Spelterapie kan deur die ouer soos volg aan ‘n kind verduidelik word:

Partykeer gebeur iets wat ons hartseer, bang of kwaad laat voel.  By die Spelterapeut gaan jy speel, teken, verf en klei speel terwyl jy en die terapeut gaan gesels oor gelukkig, hartseer, bang en kwaad voel.  Terwyl jy en die terapeut speel, gaan ek vir jou sit en wag totdat julle klaar is.

Gee jou kind die geleentheid om vrae te vra oor die terapie en antwoord dit so eerlik as moontlik.


How to prepare your child for Play Therapy

You have made an appointment to take your child for Play Therapy because you are concerned about his behaviour, emotions, trauma or any other situation that might have upset him.

A child who is referred for therapy already experiences tension, anxiety or trauma.  An unknown situation can cause even more tension for a child, therefore it is necessary that a child receives relevant information about what to expect when going to see a Play Therapist for the first time. 

Play Therapy can be explained by the parent to a child in the following way:

Sometimes things happen that makes us feel sad, scared or angry.  At the therapist you are going to play, draw, paint and play with clay while you talk about feeling happy, sad, scared or angry.   While you and the therapist play, I will wait for you until you are done.

Give your child the opportunity to ask questions and answer it as honestly as possible.


*Wietske Boon praktiseeer as Spelterapeut in Pretoria en Centurion.

*Wietske Boon practise as Play therapist in Pretoria and Centurion.